Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hopes and prayers...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

 Here we are again, America.  Another school massacre. And once again the only "civilized" country in which this regularly happens throws up its hands in despair and offers hopes and prayers to the little victims and their grieving families. Enough with the hopes and prayers, America, enough with the public hand-wringing, could we finally do something?

Go ask Mitch McConnell why he cares more about preserving the filibuster rules and catering to the gun lobby than the lives of school kids.

Go ask Texas Governor Greg Abbott why he cares more about enacting "the strongest Second Amendment legislation in Texas history" than the lives of 19 fourth graders.

Go ask Republican lawmakers why they are more worried about catering to pro-gun interests than passing common-sense measures like background check requirements, assault weapon bans, and restrictions on high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Go ask responsible gun owners why they put up with this crap.

Go ask the US Supreme Court why they are poised to strike down a New York law that limits the carrying of guns outside the home.

Go ask America why this epidemic of gun violence doesn't happen in any other country on earth, why since the tragic Sandy Hook massacre almost ten years ago American has MORE guns and FEWER protections, and why, despite all these dead children, we don't seem to care enough to do something about it.