Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scrappy Gifts From Afar

Several of us who post on Kollage Kit recently did a little impromptu exchange, and wonderful things came rolling in to my mailbox.  Here is a georgeous collage called "Somewhere" from Sabine Remy (aka miriskum), who lives and snips in Germany...

You can find more of Sabine's work on her website at http://miriskum.de/.

From England, came a magical little collaged box with a "monster mail" rubber stamp nestled inside, sent my way by Michael Leigh (aka wastedpapiers).

 Michael's blog is http://flobberlob.blogspot.com/, go there and enjoy!
 Both Sabine and Michael are frequent posters on Kollage Kit, a weekly themed collage site, please visit and enjoy some marvelous work.

Thank you Sabine and Michael, I love my new treasures.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Recovering the Classics

Recovering The Classics is project underway at the Creative Action Network.  They are asking illustrators, typographers, designers, etc. to create original covers for 50 great books in the public domain, and the "re-covered" books will be for sale at www.recoveringtheclassics.com as ebooks and as physical books printed by the Harvard Bookstore, paired with the new covers.  Here's my effort:

If you're interested in participating, go to http://recoveringtheclassics.com/contribute/specs, check the book list and specs, and design away.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Black Book

The Nag Hammadi scrolls (similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls) were discovered in Egyptian caves in 1945. One of texts, mysteriously entitled The Thunder, Perfect Mind, is an extraordinary poem that speaks of the universal duality of the feminine spirit.  Some commentators suggest the poem is intended to be an additional gospel, others that it is the voice of a feminine deity who long predates Christianity.  I'm not a believer in any god, male or female, but I find the poem and its language about the complexity of women and the feminine predicament fascinating.  I am using portions of the poem as the textual basis for a collaged artist's book entitled "The Black Book (Thunder, Perfect Mind)."  Here are a few pages from that work-in-progress.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Recent Collages Done for a Little Kollage Kit Exchange

 Botanical Bombs (for Fi in Maryland)

 Schmetterlinge zum Verkauf (for Sabine in Germany)

Robotics (for Michael in UK)