Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Collaborators Gotta Collaborate

 Sabine Remy, a talented collage artist living in Dusseldorf, Germany, has been one of my collaboration partners for many years now.  We may have slowed down a little (procrastinate much, Lynn?), but we recently completed our 122nd collage piece, and we continue to collaborate.  As always, one of us starts a collage, leaves it unfinished, and sends it to the other to complete.(The starter is listed first in the description, if you're curious.)

Here are a few of the more recent ones.

Collab #113 ("Tunnel Tree" 2021) by Lynn & Sabine

Collab #114 ("In a Strange Garden" 2021) by Sabine & Lynn

Collab #115 ("The World We Live In" 2021) by Lynn & Sabine

Collab #116 ("Surprised to See Me?" 2001) by Sabine & Lynn

Collab #121 ("The Earth and Moon in Space" 2022 by Lynn & Sabine

Collab #122 ("Dream Girl" 2022) by Sabine & Lynn