Monday, November 14, 2011

The Daughters of Ernst Haeckel


  1. This is fair-square genius. Can't believe I didn't come up with some blokey version of this years ago --- I have worshipped The Haeckel some 15 odd years now, and shaved bits and pieces of design off here and there to add interest to artworks ... but wholesale collage...? Like I say, that's some elementary genius. Good on you. Max Ernst would be proud.

  2. Ah, Dream, thanks! I too love Haeckel, steal from him on a regular basis. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Hello, I love this collage of yours ! I am a filmaker from Paris. I would love to use the image of this collage for a few second shot in a short scientific documentary which is part of a series. The epsiode is about yeast. It will show for free on the internet on a web tv called You will be of course credited but I don't have a budget to pay for the image. My email address is
    I would love to hear from you and congratulations again on your work ! All the best Geneviève