Sunday, August 18, 2013

Max Joseph Magazine

Since 2008, the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich has published a beautiful series of magazines entitled "Max Joseph."  Each issue features a different theme or concept, and includes work from a variety of  illustrators, artists and photographers.  Issue No. 4 (2012/13) celebrates the Munich Opera Festival (Munchner Opernfestspiele), and features one of Nick Cave's fascinating "sound suits" on the cover.  On page 130 appears a collage piece I completed last year called Chair Series (The Singer, Not the Song), and I am thrilled to be included in this outstanding issue.

Danke sehr, Max Joseph!


  1. Again: Congratulations! A wonderful collage again!

  2. Hi Lynn, hope things are going well for you. I have spent so much time on your blog looking for the title of a collage that I had in my folder and lost the information on my notepad because I fell asleep with my hand on the mouse and erased a whole bunch of stuff. As I was looking I just became so immersed in the beauty of all of your collages. Is my room on your island ready yet? barbara

    1. Miss Red, you are a total sweetheart! Thanks!