Thursday, January 22, 2015

Work in Progress: "Dear Mary"

Last week the mail brought my most recent eBay purchase -- a batch of small college photos in little photo holders with different hand-written messages inside each one, all addressed to a girl named "Mary."

Dear Mary, It seems I've known you for ages
tho it's really been a short while.
I'll never forget our discussions and
little secrets in homeroom
and home-making class.  Love, Nancy

I'm altering each one with ribbon, embroidery thread, seed beads, ribbon, etc. to add some sort of mask or statement over each face (masks seem to be the essence of the high school/college experience!).  I plan to bind them together accordion-style to make a little artist's book to be called "Dear Mary."

Here are some of them:


  1. Wow -- I like the different ways you've embellished the photos. Did the message inspire each embellisment? I think I like "Please Love Me" girl the best.

    I got hold of an old HS yearbook awhile back, and I was inspired by the photos and the messages too. Here's what I did with some of them:

    1. Very cool, Claudia, love your use of the faces and the handwritten notes!

  2. Stunning, Lynn! So keen to know who Mary was! She must have been a very impressive and charismatic partygirl!

    1. And strange to think she's probably the age of our mothers!