Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear Mary

My goal this summer:  to FINISH some of the myriad books I have in process.  It's a long list, but I am making good progress.  Here are photos of an artist's book I finished last week called Dear Mary..

Dear Mary is a unique work created from vintage class photos, an old yearbook, embroidery thread and beads.  The cover and endpapers are cannibalized from a 1931 college yearbook. Inside are nine vintage college photographs, each in its own cardboard folder, which I have altered with hand-embroidery, beading and appliqued fabric scraps.   The photographs are bound together accordion-style with decorative hinges of Japanese kozo paper.  The only text in the book are the messages that were handwritten to “Mary” by her classmates from an unnamed college in Waterloo, Iowa:

We have always had good times
when we were together but the trouble is
we weren’t together enough


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  1. I love everything about this book -- the vintage photos, the handwritten notes, and especially the embroidery. I love old yearbooks and have been using them in collages. Here's an example: http://creativeupcycling.blogspot.com/2014/10/most-likely-to-succeed-turning-old.html

    Will your book be part of an exhibition? I'd love to see it in person.