Saturday, January 9, 2016

Double Vision, a Collaborative Altered Book

Late last year, German collage artist Sabine Remy and I completed an altered book project.  The original book was a small book of love poems by Lois Wyse illustrated with soft-focus black & white photographs.  We completely altered her book with a series of hand-cut paper collages, embellished with embroidery and hand-cut lettering, and rubbed gold, bronze and white pigmented wax on many pages.  Most of the original text has been papered over (sorry, Lois!), but a few words remain to form "found" peoms and phrases.  Covers are painted black with collaged paper images.

Where we started...
where we are going.


  1. Lovely, disturbing images. Just wondering -- how did the collaboration work? Did you each do one page in each spread?

  2. It varies...some spreads are all me or all Sabine, others are started by me and added to/finished by Sabine. I began the book, did the cover and worked on maybe half the pages, then handed it over to Sabine and she finished it. We had a blast with it and I think it turned out well.

  3. This looks great, Lynn! Always fun to do a collab with you!