Saturday, July 2, 2016

Collaboration Round-Up

Some recently-completed collage collaborations between myself and my good friend Sabine Remy of Dusseldorf, Germany:

 Collaboration No. 50 "Dolls of Evil" (started by me & finished by Sabine)

 Collaboration No. 51 "The Spa) (started by Sabine, finished by me)

 Collaboration No. 52 "Under Fire" (started by me & finished by Sabine)

Collaboration No. 53 "Voodoo) (started by Sabine, finished by me)


  1. These would be great illustrations for modern fairy tales, whatever those might be. They're eerie, ghostly, haunting, nightmarish. The first one gives me chills every time I look at it!

  2. Twisted minds, Claudia! That first one is even more creepy in person, with all those threads curling out at you (Sabine's master touch).