Friday, October 28, 2016

Cancer Lifeline

Lovely Artist Reception last night (with the most incredible pastries!) for the opening of a joint exhibition between Cancer Lifeline and the Northwest Collage Society.  The show features original collage work by members of NWCS created in response to poetry written by participants in Cancer Lifeline's writing program.  You can see my contribution inspired by a poem called "Finding my Identity" written by Allison Totey (below) and other wonderful art and poetry through December 19, 2016, at 6522 Fremont Avenue North in Seattle.

Finding My Identity


  1. You created a beautiful image out of pieces that aren't all pleasant to look at. (Did I miss the poem? Didn't see it on this page...)

  2. Thanks, Claudia. I haven't been in touch with the poet directly, and didn't want to post it without her permission. Maybe sometime in the future I'll be able to do that...