Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goode's School Atlas

I recently finished a new altered book project -- the Goode's School Atlas -- a revision and re-imagining of a vintage 1947 school atlas.  New maps include (1) the Map of Geologic Perils, (2) the Map of American Serial Killers, and (3) Butterflies of Mexico.  Many pages were hand-cut to excise the land and expose collage work; others were hand-painted and/or hand-sewn.  The finished book has 54 pages, and materials used included book & magazine scraps, thread, acrylic paint, candy wrappers, cancelled postage stamps and spray paint.  Here are a few details:


  1. Wow! I've never seen an altered book like this. The map of serial killers is creepy and amazing. And on the 6th spread, how did you ever get those tiny, intricate edges so exact and clean?

    Will you be submitting this to a show? Hopefully one nearby, so I can see the book in person!

  2. Mostly used a small Xacto knife (with tiny, tiny scissors for clean-up), Claudia, and went through a lot of blades! I'll probably submit this somewhere soon, but not sure yet. Will try and remember to post it when that happens. Thanks for visiting!