Saturday, February 11, 2017

Josephine, Sabine and Lynn Get Exquisite

Josephine Wicherts (Holland), Sabine Remy (Germany) and I occasionally do a whirlwind round of Exquisite Corpse.  Each of us makes three starters (doing the top, middle or bottom of a collaged image, then "hiding" what we've done so that the next person working on the piece can ONLY see where to connect with the prior image, not the image itself).  Here are my three starters from our latest round:

Exquisite Corpse #3 Winter 2016 by
Lynn (top), Sabine (middle) & Jo (bottom)

 Exquisite Corpse #1 Winter 2016 by
Jo (top), Lynn (middle) & Sabine (bottom)

 Exquisite Corpse #2 Winter 2016 by
Sabine (top), Jo (middle) & Lynn (bottom)

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